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September 23, 2011

* didnt realize that the class talked about this scene in detail since i wasnt in class*

Will do another scene

Flash back scene (18:45-


  1. The scene starts with snow falling heavily.
  2. Kane is playing outside throwing snow.
  3. Kane threw a snowball and hit the sign “MRS. KANE BOARDING HOUSE”.
  4. The family seems to be having money problems and Mrs. Kane is signing some sort of paper for the custody of Kane while Kane senior complains.
  5. Mrs.Kane seems to be the head of the household.
  6. Mrs. Kane seems to be the owner of the properties.
  7. When Kane Sr begs his wife one last time, Mr. Thatcher talks about money and Kane Sr stops and said “well i hope its all for the best”
  8. During this scene Kane remains in the background and his voice over-laps.


  • This scene is not the only scene where flashback/flash forward was used.
  • The movies started with a recall of Kane’s life.
  • The movies is narrated through flashback of a news reporter trying to figured out what Kane’s last words “Rose Bud” really meant.


  • When Kane threw the snowball at the sign, I thought that the director wanted us to notice that the Sign says MRS.Kane instead of Mr.Kane and that the woman is the head of this house hold.
  • Kane Senior seems to have no say in the decision of Kane being “taken” away to live with Mr. Thatcher.
  • Kane Senior stop when the subject of $50,000 every year came up.
  • What was the importance of having Kane voice over lap through out the scene i wonder?
  • Not only his voice was over-laps but also the director took great care to keep Kane Playing in the background?
  • This scene i thought kind of explain why Kane is the way he is simply because he was not raised by his parents, he was abandoned, a lonely child, which said a great deal about his personality.
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